Smart Card for the Smart Generation

Manage money independently


● Safest way to carry money
● Online and offline transaction


● Understand your expenses
● Learn about money management


● Feel like a grown up
● Stand out in your group


● Friends and family can transfer money
● Save to fulfil wishes

Be independent before 18!

Manage your money like adults. Spend, save and learn about money management.

Kids Money Management App Online

The name says it all. "Its Fun to Grow"

Funngro is created by Educators,Tech enthusiasts, Engineers, IIM Alumni, Finance experts….. Most importantly, Loving Parents.

Funngro is a digital bank for Teens. Experience the pleasure of managing your money on your own. Enjoy the independence of digital banking, safety, analytics and be the coolest in your group.

Because Piggy bank is for Babies!!



-   Why prepaid card?
-   Why should a parent use Funngro?
-  What are the card Limits?
-   Is this secure?
- Where can I use the card?
- How long does it take to get refund for failed transactions?
-   Where will I get OTP?
- Can I change the phone number?
-   What will happen if I want to stop using the card?
-   What are the functions of digital wallet?
-   How kids banking is beneficial for kids/teens?
-   Is it possible to track my expenses?