Smart Card for Smart Generation

Funngro is a Fun app to Earn, Learn, Spend and Save!


Earn money/points while helping at home
● Create a task list that suits you best
● Get approval from parents
● Track task status
● Earn points/money


Make your wish come true:
● Create wishlist
● Save and earn money
● Get your wish granted
Kids Apps To Teach


Your first bank in your phone and wallet:
● Get your prepaid card
● Track expenditure
● Reports & analysis


Learn the most important skill in life - Manage money
● Learn from the experts
● Best in class videos & articles
● Games
● Quizzes

Learning made Fun

Importance of Financial Education for teens explained in a fun and engaging way!!!!
Kids Debit Card

Funngro card made for you.

Safe, Secure & Easy
Peace of mind for Parent
Independence for the next Generation

Customer Reviews

It's a great opportunity to make the children learn and earn for their hardwork and devotion to their tasks. Smart way to teach such simple yet important lessons of life in an innovative manner. Not only kids will become responsible but parents too l start to value even tiniest of task done by their child.

Pooja Jain Jalori, Bhopal

This is a very good platform to educate money management to kids and also make them value money. I think is an investment which will make children plan their finances at a very early age. Kudos to the team for this idea.

Alka Jaiswal, Bangalore

Kids Money Management App Online

The name says it all. "Its Fun to Grow"

With Funngro you are going to grow not the old tedious way I’ll call the chalkboard method for the 21st century, but a new, fun and hands-on way. Now that I’ve stated the obvious, let’s get to the interesting part.

Funngro is basically a bank account of your own, a way of sneaking extra pocket money from your parents and still seeing a smile on their face.

Try Funngro kids banking & digital piggy bank and experience the impossible. Buy anything and everything by yourself. Be treated with the respect and individuality you have earned.



-   Why Funngro?
-   Why should a child use Funngro?
-  How long does it take for card delivery?
-  How much does the card cost?
- How long does it take to get refund for failed transactions?
-   Why should a parent use Funngro?
-   What is a task manager?
-   Can I manage my money in both cash and card form?
-   Is this secure?
-   Can I invite my friends to use funngro?
-   Will I get reports for my expenses?
-   What will happen if I want to stop using the card?
-   What are the functions of digital wallet?
-   Why should a child use Funngro’s prepaid card?
-   How kids banking is beneficial for kids/teens?
-   Is it possible to track my expenses?

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