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Build your brand


Get your logos, brochure designed professionally - 5 Samples

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Cutomize your website


Get a professional website designed to increase business growth.

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Reach more customers


Get Teenlancers to manage your social media handles

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Share your message


Voice Over in 15 different languages

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Engage your audience


Create an explainer video for your company to get new customers

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Boost your growth


Get 100s of Teenlancers like your Insta/Youtube posts, Increase your reach through Toffee projects.

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Showcase your story


Hire best content writers to write blogs, articles and more

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Happy Funngro Members

Hundreds of companies have worked with Talented Teens on Funngro. Read on for their views

Darsh Golecha‍

Darsh Golecha


Happy customer as Teens work is excellent. It's cost effective with great quality. Have used their graphic designing, Social media and Research Talent.

Ravishankar Gopalan


Execute Partners & Consultants LLP

Impressed by the article written by a Grade IX School student on how he has seen life transform around him with digital payments over the last ten years.

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Let's Evolve

Funngro services are excellent. They have provided blogs for our website and super impressed by the quality of work done by Teens and amazed to see their financial knowledge too

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Social media marketing

Teens manage social media pages of companies

Sample projects →


Teens create and edit videos for your company

Sample projects →


Get help to Design and build a website for your company

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Teens create Reels, Memes, posts and videos for social media

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Mobile App Development

Develop market ready apps for your business

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Campus Ambassador

Drive sales for company by acquiring customers through Teenagers

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Talent for all your needs

Thousands of Talented Teenagers for all your business needs. Register your interest and start working with smartest talent around.

Research & Survey

Run Surveys for your company and complete research assignments

Sample projects →


Create databases for your company with talent with data research skills

Sample projects →


Get your content recording done with voice over artists

Sample projects →


Blogs, articles, website content and a lot more. Get quality content

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Logos, Brochures, pamphlets, website, posts etc

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Get your company’s products tested and get feedback on app, website, physical product
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Hundreds of companies and partners working with Funngro to find smart talent




Why work with Teens

Teenagers are the smarter generations, more clued in to your customer mindset, not spoilt by years of experience hence being cost effective delivery of high quality of work.

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No longer worry about using the same old ideas. Get innovative thinking, processes and style of working. Helps companies grow rapidly with timely project delivery.

Cost effective

Get your work done significantly lower cost, save as much as 50% on cost .

* Help the next generation the way someone helped you

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Working with Teenagers

Simple steps to start working with Talented Teenagers


Register on Funngro

Add Projects

Add projects in a simple process that will take no more than 2 min

Get applications

Funngro will share curated list of Teenagers interested in your project

Select Teens

Review profiles, past work, experience and select Teenagers that fits your work

Project Delivered

On Successful completion, release payment to Teenager and post your next project

Frequently Asked Questions

Part of being successful is asking the right questions and listening to the answers

How do we start working with Teenagers?

Login to Funngro, add project, select Teenager from our curated list and start working with smart and talented Teens

How does Funngro help us in finding right talent?

From a pool of thousands of teenager we curate the list basis their experience, past work and commitment levels before we suggest potential candidates for your project

Are there any legalities around working with Teens?

Yes, you can only work with Teens aged 14 and above. We do seek information regards age and parental approval before allowing Teens to apply to any of your projects.

Have a Question?

Check out our answers to frequently asked questions

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The name says it all.
"Its Fun to Grow

Funngro is built by educators, Tech enthusiasts, IIM alumni, Finance experts but most importantly by Loving parents. We are thankful to those mentors who helped us in early stage of our lives and Funngro is our effort to give back to the society. Funngro is a mission to enable Teenagers to become Financially empowered and grow up to be responsible citizens.

Enable Smart Teenagers and Smart Companies to realize their full potentials