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How can I start earning money?

Simple 5 step process – (1) download funngro and register for earning, (2) complete your evaluation project, (3) apply to projects of your interest, (4) submit completed projects, (5) Get paid!

Is it legal for Teens to work for companies?

If you are below 14 years of age, you can only do household chores but not work with real companies. For above 14, you need to get parental approval and share your age proof to start working. It is completely legal to do the same.

Why should Teens work?

Start early, get independence, learn while you earn but most importantly get real world experience. Work on projects of your interest and find your real passion before making the final career decision.

Should I be an expert at the areas that I choose?

There are options for both experts and beginners. If you are an expert, go ahead apply to companies and they will choose your profile depending on your past experience.
If you are a beginner, we recommend three things for you: (a) participate in contests and see how others are doing (b) join community forums and learn from peers (c) join Funngro learning program and prepare to become an expert.

Will Funngro support me in learning my area of interest?

Yes, Funngro offers learning programs in different areas for you to build expertise in your area of interest. Click on learn and enrol for the same. 

Am I eligible to earn money from companies?

If you are above 14 and your parents approve you can start working for companies. If you are below 14, you can work on chores given by your parents. Do not feel sad, you will be eligible for company projects as soon as you are 14.

What if I need some training before I start working?

We will come up with training programs very soon. Register your interest byhere

What are the learning solutions that Funngro offers?

Funngro offers:
a) Financial education - you can gain knowledge of money management starting from novice to expert level.
b)Skill enhancement - It helps you to learn and refine your area of interest and increase your potential.

Who will train us in these learning programs?

Industry experts have curated these programs for your specific need and created games, case studies, videos, quizzes and a lot more to make learning fun. 

Can I experience the program before I enroll?

All our programs allow you to opt out after 2 days in case you are not happy or find the program unsuitable for your needs. We give full refunds in this situation. 

How many days would the program last?

Depending on the level of skill that you are looking to develop we have programs ranging from 2 days to 6 months. For more details, register now and our team will explain this in detail.26PM

Login to Funngro, add project, select Teenager from our curated list and start working with smart and talented Teens

From a pool of thousands of teenager we curate the list basis their experience, past work and commitment levels before we suggest potential candidates for your project

Yes, you can only work with Teens aged 14 and above. We do seek information regards age and parental approval before allowing Teens to apply to any of your projects.

At this time we have 12 categories in which Teens can work with as listed on our home page. Do let us know if those do not cover your needs.

Smart generation, innovative ideas, fresh thinking, proximity to your end customer, timely delivery and cost effective project completion. If you need more, you are also helping the next generation.

Payal is the founder and CEO of the business, she comes with rich experience of handling complex technology solutions, managing business at scale and most importantly a parent of a 16 year old.

Anik is the co-founder and CGO of Funngro, he comes with experience of leading large organizations and startups.

We were lucky to have some great mentors early in our life and we want to ensure that every child in India gets the same kind of support. The first experience of work helps define what we become and Funngro provides a safe environment for Teens to experience their first job

We are growing and looking for people who believe in our mission. Please write to us through our careers page and let’s grow together.

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